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Benefit Descriptions

The EAP + Work / Life Program is available to benefit-eligible employees and non-Medicare pensioners, their spouses and dependent children who are currently enrolled in a State of Delaware Group Health Plan. New effective July 1, 2015: Their parents and parents-in-law will also be able to access the EAP+Work/Life services. HMS (A Health Advocate Company) has been selected by the State of Delaware to provide these services. Members are strongly encouraged to reach out to HMS for guidance as they attempt to balance the high demands of home and work life issues. HMS is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day to meet all of your needs. Contacts to HMS are completely confidential and provided at no cost.

HMS provides assistance to members in the following areas:

  • Marital Relationships
  • Family/Parenting Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Grief and Loss
  • Difficult Emotional Problems
  • Eldercare/Childcare
  • Legal/Financial
  • Parenting/Schooling Issues
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Occupational Stress
  • Working With Others
  • Balance Work and Family
  • Management and Supervision
  • Parenting
  • Aging
  • Balancing
  • Thriving
  • Working
  • Living
  • Resource Library
  • Learning Center
  • Relocation Center
  • Savings Center
  • Skill Builders
  • Monthly Webinars
  • Employee Supervisory Issues

HMS’ services include:

  • Professional Counseling Services. Members can obtain one-on-one professional counseling services, a maximum of five sessions annually (plan year) per topic or concern, and, if needed, a referral to receive continued professional counseling services through the member's health care plan. When HMS determines that a member requires more than five sessions, the member will be transferred to receive professional counseling services through his/her health care plan where applicable co-pays/co-insurance apply.

  • Legal Services. Members can obtain consultation for any legal issue, with the exception of those involving disputes or actions between an employee/dependent and their employer or the client.

    1. Members will receive a referral to a local attorney for a free, 25-30 minute, telephonic or in-person session.
    2. If the member chooses to retain the in-person referred attorney, the member receives a 25% discount off the attorney's hourly fee for most types of law (criminal and bankruptcy have discounted flat rates). The 25% discount excludes any retainer fees, court fees, filing fees, administrative charges, investigative fees or discounts for flat rate fees.

  • Financial Services. Financial counselors can address question on all matters of financial management including debt reduction, home buying, budgeting foreclosure prevention, bankruptcy prevention. Certified Consumer Credit Counselors will provide free 30 minute confidential counseling sessions.

  • Integrated ID Recovery. Credit fraud specialists review reports with member to instantly identify signs of possible identity theft.

    • ID theft prevention advice and fulfillment materials
    • Fulfillment materials to assist members self-resolution of identity theft
    • Enhanced legal content on the HMS Work/Life website

  • Child and Elder Care. Members can receive a telephone consultation to assess care needs, receive a list of providers, and a checklist to enable the member to make quality decisions for their loved ones.

  • Monthly Newsletter. Newsletters in electronic form are listed below, scroll down, for members’ quick and easy reference. Put this site on your favorite list and check it frequently.

  • Frontline Supervisor Newsletter and Management Consultations. Managers and supervisors should ask their HR Office to forward them the latest copy of Frontline Supervisor. HMS sends it electronically to each agency’s HR Office for internal distribution. HMS is available to managers and supervisors desiring to have a confidential conversation with a HMS professional regarding a challenging work related situation.

  • Critical Incident Stress Management. Managers and supervisors are encouraged to reach out to HMS if a critical incident occurs in the workplace. The sudden death of an employee, a criminal act, or other issues may create a stressful work environment that HMS’ professionals can help diffuse.

  • On-Site Training. Managers and supervisors planning employee training sessions, workshops, or seminars may ask HMS to participate by providing a training session on a wide array of topics. Contact HMS to schedule.

  • Website. The HMS website provides a wealth of resources, including webinars, checklists, articles and videos on a wide variety of work/life topics. Also, included are locator services for child care providers, elder care, summer camps and volunteer opportunities.

As part of your employee benefit plan, you have access to a wide range of EAP and Work / Life support services from HMS (Health Advocate). One Stop, Specialized Assistance - Work / Life

The HMS (Health Advocate) EAP + Work / Life program gives you access to a Licensed Professional Counselor for help with personal, family and work problems. You also have access to a Work/Life Specialist who can help you find a wide range of support resources to help balance your work and life. Your EAP+Work / Life Program - We Can Help

Personally identifiable information relative to your discussions with an HMS EAP counselor or Work/Life representative will not be revealed to anyone without your specific written permission or as otherwise permitted by law. Your contact with HMS is strictly confidential and is covered under the Federal Privacy Act of 1988. Confidentiality

As part of the Health Advocate EAP + Work / Life program, you have access to a wide variety of resources, including webinars and onsite workshops. 2017 Onsite Workshops Catalog

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