Posted January 11, 2018

Beginning January 1, 2018, Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp are preferred labs for State of Delaware Aetna HMO and CDH Gold members. Members have the option to use either provider for in network lab services under these plans.

View a listing of available lab locations in Delaware. All LabCorp locations should be updated and visible in DocFind, Aetna's online provider directory, by next week. Members can also contact Aetna Customer Service at 1-877-542-3862 for assistance with LabCorp locations.

Please note that the addition of LabCorp as a participating provider applies exclusively to Aetna health plans offered through the State of Delaware's Group Health Insurance Program (GHIP) and does not apply to Aetna plans offered by other employers. LabCorp continues to be the only preferred lab provider for Highmark Delaware health plans.

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