YOU Are Part of the Solution

Site of Care – Choosing the right location for services, including lab, imaging, urgent care and Centers of Excellence, is easy, convenient and can save money (Learn more).

It will take a team approach with all of us doing our part as educated consumers to manage health care costs and ensure great care is available and affordable now and in the future.

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Here you will find information on the healthcare benchmark initiative to reduce costs, improve outcomes for Delawareans.

Save Today, Save Tomorrow

Save Today, Save TomorrowThe health care choices you make affect your cost now and in the future. Use the Emergency Room (ER) only for emergencies. For non-emergent care, use lower cost, convenient care options (i.e., Primary Care Provider (PCP), 24/7 Nurse Line, Telemedicine and Urgent Care). Have your lab and imaging services completed at non-hospital affiliated freestanding facilities. Fill your prescriptions with generics. Manage chronic diseases.

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Know Your Plan, Know Your Costs

Know Your Plan, Know Your CostsChoosing the right insurance plan that meets the needs of you and your family, understanding covered benefits, plan design, network providers, commonly used terms, comparing costs and making informed decisions, are all part of being a wise health care consumer. In this section, you can access glossaries with common medical terms, benefit program materials and information on finding providers and online care cost estimators.

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Prevention Saves

Prevention SavesMost preventive care is covered at 100% (no charge). Preventing disease and identifying disease early, if it occurs, are important. Vaccinations, screenings, check-ups and routine physicals are all essential to good health. And the better your health, the lower your health care costs are likely to be.

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Be Well, Feel Well

Be Well, Feel WellA lifestyle based on good choices and healthy behaviors maximizes your quality of life. Take advantage of covered wellness benefits and helpful tools and resources to help you lose weight, increase physical activity, eat better, manage stress, quit tobacco use, get more sleep and have a healthy pregnancy.

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Disease Management – What You Need To Know

Disease Management – What You Need To KnowManaging a chronic disease involves taking responsibility for understanding how to care for yourself and how to take steps toward improvement. Take advantage of covered benefits and helpful tools and resources for conditions like asthma, cancer, COPD, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, mental health-related conditions and musculoskeletal pain.

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