Enroll and/or make changes during 2018 Benefits Open Enrollment

Aflac provides supplemental insurance for individuals to help with out-of-pocket expenses that arise from covered accidents or illnesses that major medical insurance may not cover. Benefit eligible employees who are outside of their initial eligibility period will be considered "Late Enrollees" and may be subject to approval based on answers to health questions.

Eligible employees that wish to enroll and/or make changes in Supplemental Benefits should do so online at the Delaware Aflac Information Site. New Users will be prompted to “Create an Account” using a “substitute Social Security Number”. Be sure to write down your “substitute Social Security Number” as you will need it throughout the “Create an Account” process. Please Note: Creating an account does not mean that you are enrolling in coverage.

The Aflac Online Enrollment Guide offers instruction on creating an account and enrolling in Supplemental Benefits by Aflac Group. It is highly recommended to review the guide prior to creating an account and enrolling in benefits.