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Prescription Copay Waiver Opportunity If you are currently taking a brand medication that does not have a generic equivalent, you may receive a letter from Express Scripts explaining that the State of Delaware is providing an opportunity for you to try a generic alternative medication at no cost. Read More. Vaccines Select vaccines are now available for a $20 copay at your local participating pharmacy. Express Scripts New Direct Claims and Coordination of Benefits (COB) Claims Form and Address Effective immediately, please use the NEW Direct Claim/COB Form available on our website. Please read the directions and be sure to indicate if the claim is a COB claim. The forms should also be mailed to the new address located on the form (Item 7 under Instructions). If you recently mailed a form to the old address, it will be forwarded to the correct location. Prescription Coverage For Medicare-Eligible Pensioners And Their Dependents Effective January 1, 2013, Medicare-eligible State of Delaware pensioners, spouses and dependents that are enrolled in prescription coverage are enrolled in Express Scripts Medicare (PDP) for the State of Delaware, which is a Medicare Part D employer group prescription plan. State pensioners and their dependents should NOT enroll in an individual Medicare Part D plan, and will automatically be enrolled in Express Scripts Medicare when they have enrolled in Medicare A & B and Special Medicfill with prescription.

Plan Administrator

Express Scripts (Medco)

Member Services 1-800-939-2142
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
(Including Thanksgiving and Christmas Days)
Pharmacists available around the clock

Medco Health Solutions, Inc., (Medco), now Express Scripts, has functioned as the pharmacy benefit manager for the State of Delaware Group Health Insurance Plan since July 1, 2006. See More Information, including ID Cards and Express Scripts Web Information.

Plan Information

  • Prescription Copays
  • Coordination of Benefits
  • Direct Claims for Prescriptions
  • Pharmacies
  • Preferred Prescriptions (Formulary)


  • Compound Medication Program
  • Maintenance Medication Program
  • Coverage Review Program
  • Medicare Part B
  • Vaccines

Section Manager: Brenda Lakeman

Benefits Documentation

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