Return to Work (RTW) - Stay at Work (SAW)

The Return to Work Coordinator (RTW-C) provides RTW assistance for individuals while on STD or SAW assistance prior to or during STD to prevent or shorten an absence from work.

The RTW-C can assist you:

  • In developing a Return to Work plan with you and your employer should you be returning with temporary restrictions or limitations
  • In acquiring Assistive Technology should you need it to perform the essential functions of your job
  • Return to Work Authorizations are also available by contacting the RTW-C which can be sent directly to your physician

It’s important to remember that being in contact with the RTW-C is not a substitute for maintaining contact with your agency/supervisor during your absence from work. Returning to work often takes collaborative efforts that include you, your physician, your employer and the RTW-C.

Contact Information for the RTW-C:
122 Martin Luther King Jr., Boulevard So., Dover, DE 19901
Direct Dial: 302-672-5162, Fax: 302-739-3000